December 9, 2016

What You Ought to Know about Toy-Safety Guidelines

In early 2006, a four-year-old child based out of Minnesota accidentally swallowed some part of a gift, which resulted in death of the child. It was later known that the part contained high levels of lead, which is chemically very dangerous and known to cause severe damage in human beings. Even a highly regulated market… read more
December 9, 2016

Future of the Energy-Efficiency Industry: Trends and Markets

Excessive production and consumption by humans have resulted in increased energy use. In turn, it has led to increase in global temperatures. Experts believe that the future of the globe is at risk due to alarming climatic and environmental changes. Many governments have realized the adversity of the situation and have incorporated different measures to… read more
December 9, 2016


This New Year Let’s Have Lights that are Lighter on Earth Lighting is an integral part of our daily lives and a fun part of our entertainment experience. During every festivity there is one house in the vicinity people want to cross because it is so cleverly decorated and decked-up. Festive lighting is all about… read more
October 25, 2016
Why standards matter to consumers
Every day, standards and standardization make a difference in the lives of everyone. Standards help to keep our homes, public buildings, playgrounds, electrical appliances, and health services safe. They help protect our environment, increase productivity and drive innovation. Put simply, standards make things better: safer, of better quality and easier to use. But as a… read more
September 20, 2016
Make in India: Zero Defects, Zero Effect—the Need for Indianized Global Facing Standards
Manufacturing is a key sector for the economic development of any country. With the Indian market becoming an aggressive player in the manufacturing industry, raising the bar to global standards is critical for success. This requires for better standards to be set, which enable the Indian markets to sustain against the competition from imports. With… read more
September 1, 2016
Standardization: One big way of helping MSMEs survive global competition
The MSME has emerged as a dynamic sector over the years and has shown amplified growth over the last one decade. MSMEs are pivotal to the Indian economy as they provide large employment opportunities (second only to agriculture) and also help in the Industrialization of rural areas. As per the Small and Medium Business Development… read more
August 12, 2016
Performance Materials
By Bharath Nuggehalli Engineer Project Associate, Performance Materials Traditionally, UL performance materials works on a business model which involves testing, and certification of polymeric materials focusing only on electrical and electronic industries (E&E). Since UL is the leader in the area of Safety Certification, UL certified polymeric materials are demanded by safety engineers, designers and… read more
July 19, 2016
Promising Medical Technology Holds the Future of Medicine and Healthcare
Indian medical-technology industry is about to experience high growth despite ambiguities in the current regulatory framework, says Jibu Mathew, Business Development Head–Life & Health Sciences, UL South Asia, in an interview with e-HEALTH Magazine. The international market opens up exciting opportunities for the Indian med-tech industry for various reasons. The interview addresses many of them…. read more
December 11, 2015
Safety after a Calamity: Tips to Restore Flood-Damaged Commercial Premises
Floods inflict devastating damage. Restoration is a grueling process. Restoration is important; but safety is paramount. A lot have been discussed and disseminated about restoration and safety practices for residential properties because it has mass appeal and is badly needed. Given the volume of damage and the complexity of processes, we here discuss safeguards and… read more