September 28, 2015 - September 29, 2015 | Hotel Amabassador Pallav, Egmore, Chennai

Date : 28th and 29th of Sept 2015
Venue : Hotel Amabassador Pallav, Egmore, Chennai

Lightning is a natural weather related phenomenon, fascinating to watch, but extremely dangerous with disastrous direct and indirect effects. The direct effect being the high current (in the range of several hundreds of kilo amperes) passing through structures or equipment or living beings and the indirect effects being temporary rise of supply voltages for a very short duration, known as current or voltage transients. The amount of loss of human life and properties due to lightning is significantly high. It is found in the recent years that lightning kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes globally*. (as per –

The nature of lightning has never changed. But the structures and systems we expose to it, as well as the need for safety and dependability have changed dramatically. Understanding of the effects of lightning has also grownup as a result of numerous research efforts on the interaction of lightning with structures and systems. There are no devices or methods capable of modifying the natural weather phenomena to the extent that they can prevent lightning discharges. Lightning flashes to, or nearby, structures (or lines connected to the structures) are hazardous to people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations as well as to power and signal lines. Therefore, application of lightning protection measures is essential.
Traditional methods used for protection of ground based facilities and operating systems against the effect of lightning strikes, including use of air terminals, down conductors and grounding systems have not been understood well (e.g. resistance or impedance of earthing system). The increasing reliance on sophisticated & sensitive electronic systems for control of critical functions has created the need to re-evaluate lightning protection design and create new protection systems to compensate for the inadequacy of traditional methods. And properly protected systems will not only survive but will continue to function following exposure to direct or nearby lightning strikes.

The two-day training program is aimed to create awareness of lightning hazards and offers technical guidance on – (a) protection of buildings and other structures (including commercial, industrial and heritage sites), (b) protection of human beings and livestock (from death and injury) and (c) protection of low-voltage operated electrical and sensitive electronic systems and installations against the direct and indirect effects of lightning discharges – by applying good engineering practices.

Course Agenda:

  1. Lightning Science – an overview
  2. National and International Standards on Lightning Protection – a summary
  3. Risk analysis and management – a first-step in LPS design
  4. Structural protection against lightning – both external and internal
  5. Introduction to EMI/EMC
  6. Protection of LV Electrical/Electronic Systems and Installations
  7. Earthing Systems
  8. Personal Safety

Who should attend?
Technical Group Heads, Team leaders, Industrial Systems Designers & Installers,
Consultants, Architects, Technocrats and other Engineering and Scientific community interested in the area of Human Safety, Risk Assessment and Management, Structural Protection against Lightning, Electrical & Electronic System protection against Lightning induced Transients.

UL has been a trusted independent testing and certification body for 120 years. UL’s lightning protection certificate services serve the lightning protection installation community by offering third-party inspection services of installed systems. As a leading authority in lightning protection, UL has been inspecting and certifying lightning protection equipment since 1908.

Resource persons:

Mr. Rengasamy Ganesan is a Graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College of Engineering – Guindy (CEG), Chennai. He has served in Army Centre for EMC (ACE), MHOW (MP) and SAMEER-Centre for Electromagnetics, an autonomous R&D Institution under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India. He has more than 25 years of experience in EMC Testing and Design. He has worked as Project Manager and implemented CE Marking Project for three EMC Test Centers.

Mr. Ganesan has attended EMC training program in UK under Indo-German Joint Project and also on EMC Testing and Design in US under UNDP sponsored project. Currently he is the Managing Director of LP Consultants International (LPCI) Pvt. Ltd., which offers design consultancy and training to industries in the area of Lightning Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). He has conducted EMC and Lightning Protection programs in many countries including India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. He also works as Consultant – EMI/EMC, UL

Mr. K.V. Varadharajan is a Graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering with PG Diploma in Marketing Management. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Lightning and Surge protection. He also has 15 years of experience in Instrumentation Industry & worked in ABB, Emerson & Foxboro. He has sold the only Unix based DCS in India & installed first Corolius mass flow meter in India.

Mr. Varadharajan has held key positions in MTL – India and OBO Bettermann – India, the reputed international organizations in the field of Power, Signal & Instrumentation lines transient protection. He has visited Germany, U.K, USA, Hong Kong, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and shared his knowledge and experience to prevent industry related field failures. Presently, he is a Director of LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd. and is also holding the position of a distinguished member of Technical Committee (TC) in Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) for Low Voltage equipment. He has written many articles in Electrical Magazines- IEEMA, Electrical India etc. and offered more than 1000 presentations on Lightning and Surge protection to various industries in India and abroad.

Price :
15000 +14%ST =17100
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Course content source from LPCI