Apr. 20, 2015, Bangalore, India

Today, road accidents in India lead to an average of 15 deaths every hour. It makes road safety the biggest public-safety challenge in India. With more than 50 percent of India’s population under 25, UL believes India’s young people are uniquely suited to help solve this problem, especially since it personally affects them and their peers.

As a part of the “Safer Roads, Safer India” campaign, UL partnered with Youth Service America (YSA) to support creative solutions from young people in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. Later this year, UL and YSA will award grants to 40 educators and 16 youth ambassadors to organize youth-led awareness, service, advocacy, and philanthropy activities. With support on a global scale, the Indian youth is being asked to contribute their ideas and actions to turn the “Safer Roads, Safer India” campaign into their own.

As a part of the program, all grantees will be trained by experts in youth leadership and road safety. The grantees will then conduct the largest youth-led road safety audit in the world, mapping road safety in four Indian cities: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. Armed with insights from the audit, the youth will identify and implement the most effective solutions. They will raise public awareness on road safety and educate their peers and community members to help increase safe behavior. They will also lead community service projects, engaging more volunteers in hands-on projects to help make roads safer. They will also advocate policies for better road safety.

As a thought leader on safety issues, UL has been working on innovative means and ways to address road safety in India. This initiative has been inspired by Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) held during April 17-19. It is an opportunity for the global youth to raise their voice on issues relevant to their communities and support them with actions for a positive impact.