Apr. 14, 2015, Goa, India
UL, in association with Directorate of Education, Goa, has launched a ‘Safer School, Safer India’ program at the primary school level. The Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services has been conducting the Community Education & Awareness Program on fire and other safety aspects for the past couple of years. In order to ignite awareness towards safety in the young minds, UL has joined hands with the state government’s education department in Goa.

The motto of the program is to make safety knowledge an interesting and experiential part of their daily learning. It will help ensure increased prevention and preparedness to minimize loss of life and property from fire and non-fire emergencies in Goa.

The program will be deployed with active involvement of fire officers and primary-school teachers, who will be trained for the purpose. UL will bring its expertise in fire safety and safety-awareness programs by creating the training curriculum, and keep itself available as a subject matter expert.

The program will involve dissemination of audio-visual tools like CDs and activity booklets to enthuse a sense of safety among children. Being pursued are parents and children between the ages of 5 and 10. The contents of this training program include Safety at Home, Safety at School, Safety at Public Places, and Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Safety.

The Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services has a clear objective to help raise preparedness in dealing with fire and non-fire emergencies in the state. The department works towards the goal of inculcating safety consciousness among the general public as well. UL, leveraging its 120-year experience, and special expertise in fire protection and safety, intends to support and work closely with the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services towards the objective.