Apr. 2015, Bangalore, India

TRAI reports state that 930.2 million cell phones were operating in India last September, with an estimated addition of 5.88 million every month. Given this projection, the market for portable batteries and cells in India is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

To curb infiltration and use of non-compliant electronic goods, and to add consumer safety, BIS has mandated 30 product categories that should comply with applicable Indian safety standards and mandatory registration before they are imported to, traded, distributed, or sold in India. All manufacturers need to have the IS 16046 certification by August 13, 2015, for which, UL is the foremost facility for testing and accreditation for small cells and batteries used in medical equipment, industrial equipment and communication equipment in India. Equipped with necessary technology, UL has the capacity and capability for the expected volume of products to hit the market.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has been successfully audited and accredited for testing portable cells and batteries by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Expertise from the global UL team helped UL in Bangalore to meet the requirements of IS 16046 and CRO accreditation by BIS. It makes the UL facility a foremost testing and accreditation agency for small cells and batteries used in medical, industrial, and communication equipment in India. UL’s consumer technology teams across different regions are working with the Bangalore UL facility to add the best support for UL’s customers.

UL’s 40,000-square-foot advanced comprehensive testing laboratory at Bangalore is approved by the BIS (Bureau of India Standards) under the Laboratory Recognition Scheme with OSL (6120526). The laboratory is completely designed with the “lean” concept and a sophisticated FM 200-based fire protection system. Equipped with integrated data acquisition and archival systems, the facility also allows customers to witness all the scheduled testing activities through online media. The only multinational company to have received approval for this accreditation in India, UL is uniquely placed to meet the soaring demand for batteries certification over the next few months.