The government of India Ministry of Textiles has prepared a draft notification mandating the use of four fire retardant textiles standards under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act, 1986. The draft has been prepared by the Ministry, while working with various departments/ministries for mandatory use of certain standards for technical textiles when safety and public health may be impacted.  The Indian Central Government and BIS have issued the Fire Retardant Textile Materials (Quality Control) Order, 2013, which goes into effect in February 2014.

The four relevant Indian standards are:

  • IS 15741:2007- Resistance to Ignition of Curtains and Drapes – Specification
  • IS 15742:2007- Requirements for Clothing Made of Limited Flame Spread Materials and Material Assemblies Affording Protection against Heat and Flame – Specification
  • IS 15748:2007- Protective Clothing for Industrial Workers Exposed to Heat (excluding clothing for firefighters and welders)
  • IS 15768:2007- Resistance to Ignition of Upholstered Composites Used for Non-domestic Furniture – Specification.