With over 200 million smart meters installed either in operational or pilot processes in India, consumer concerns about potential safety & performance hazards associated with smart meters are increasing.
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mandates all Static Watt Hour Meters (Class 1 & 2) under the mandatory ISI mark program, this necessitates every meter manufacture to test & certify their meters under this program from a BIS accredited test laboratory. In addition, various utilities seeking to install energy meters, request the suppliers to submit type test reports from a BIS-accredited laboratory to ascertain compliance with the national standards of safety, accuracy and communications protocol.

Identifying this need, UL in India has made an investment in a comprehensive testing facility dedicated to smart meters. Through the testing facility, UL will cater to the growing needs of certification in the advanced metering industry. UL in India intends to provide safety research and advisory services to key stakeholders, including utilities, regulators and non-utility users of smart meters – A new realm in Advanced Metering Industry (AMI)

Details for the individual test protocols and their availability are elaborated below:


Indian Standards Corresponding IEC Number Test Protocols for
IS 13779 IEC 62053
  • Insulation properties
  • Accuracy requirements
  • Electrical requirements
  • EMC requirements
  • Mechanical & Environmental properties
IS 15959 IEC 62056 Address communication protocol testing

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