March 13, 2015 | Hotel Hilton, Chennai

Mar. 13, 2015, Hotel Hilton, Chennai

The 7th edition of the Conference on Automotive R&D Trends, which is also the annual flagship event of the Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Center of CII, is scheduled on 13th March 2015 at Hotel Hilton, Chennai with the theme “Towards Strengthening Indian Automotive R&D”. The conference aims to help stakeholders understand the current scenario of automotive R&D, the challenges ahead, and have them share their expectations.

The key objectives of the conference are to:

  • Develop  a systematic approach to address the key gaps in automotive research and development
  • Understand and catalyze the automotive growth process through innovation and technology
  • Aid government agencies, industries and institutions in developing an effective R&D policy
  • Collaborate with international networks for best practices, R&D, product development, etc.

Numerous sessions on the global perspective and the Indian standpoint on automotive research will be the highlights of the conference. Apart from the perspectives, the discussions will also revolve around the challenges, approaches and ecosystem of the automotive industry in India. A panel discussion featuring industry stalwarts on the “Critical Measures to Enhance Indian Automotive R&D to keep pace with Global Automotive Trends” will also be held.

The event is expected to attract prominent industry experts from leading OEMs, and domains like Auto components, Transport, and Infrastructure. The conference attempts to project the future of Automotive R&D in India in comparison with global standards.

UL in India is participating in the conference as an associate sponsor. UL has been one of the trusted partners for product safety testing and certification – helping automotive manufacturers gain access to domestic and global markets. As functional safety gains importance with the evolution and adoption of new technologies, it holds immense significance in the overall product performance.

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